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World Bank[ Bulgaria : Public Expenditure Review for Agriculture and Rural Development ]

World Bank[ Zambia - Impact Assessment of the Fertilizer Support Program : Analysis of Effectiveness and Efficiency ]

World Bank[ Food Price Increases in South Asia : National Responses and Regional Dimensions ]

World Bank[ Guinea-Bissau - Cashew and Beyond : Diversification Through Trade - Diagnostic Trade Integration Study for the Enhanced Integrated Framework for Trade-related Technical Assistance , Guine Bissau - Para alem de castanha de caju : diversificacao atraves do comercio - estudo do diagnostico de integracao do comercio para o melhoramento do quadro integrado assistencia tecnica para assuntos do comercio internacional ]

World Bank[ Niger - Modernizing Trade During a Mining Boom : Diagnostic Trade Integration Study for the Integrated Framework Program ]

World Bank[ Bhutan - Public Financial Management Accountability Assessment ]

World Bank[ Costa Rica : Competitiveness Diagnostic and Recommendations ]

World Bank[ Country Social Analysis : Ethnicity and Development in Vietnam - Summary report ]

World Bank[ Bhutan - Report on the Observance of Standards and Codes : Accounting and Auditing ]

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