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Robertson, RaymondBrown, DrusillaPierre, GaëlleSanchez-Puerta, María Laura[ Globalization, Wages, and the Quality of Jobs : Five Country Studies ]

Yusuf, ShahidNabeshima, Kaoru[ Tiger Economies Under Threat : A Comparative Analysis of Malaysia's Industrial Prospects and Policy Options ]

World Bank[ Republic of Fiji - Poverty Trends, Profiles and Small Area Estimation (Poverty Maps) in Republic of Fiji (2003-2009) ]

World Bank[ Lao PDR - Investment Climate Assessment : Policies to Promote Growth in the Non-Resource Sectors ]

World Bank[ Bulgaria : Public Expenditure Review for Agriculture and Rural Development ]

World Bank[ Zambia - Impact Assessment of the Fertilizer Support Program : Analysis of Effectiveness and Efficiency ]

World Bank[ Guinea-Bissau - Cashew and Beyond : Diversification Through Trade - Diagnostic Trade Integration Study for the Enhanced Integrated Framework for Trade-related Technical Assistance , Guine Bissau - Para alem de castanha de caju : diversificacao atraves do comercio - estudo do diagnostico de integracao do comercio para o melhoramento do quadro integrado assistencia tecnica para assuntos do comercio internacional ]

World Bank[ Niger - Modernizing Trade During a Mining Boom : Diagnostic Trade Integration Study for the Integrated Framework Program ]

World Bank[ The Business Environment in Southern Africa : Issues in Trade and Market Integration - Summary ]

World Bank[ Congo, Democratic Republic of - Enhanced Integration Framework Program (EIF) : diagnostic trade integration study , Republique Democratique du Congo - Programme Cadre Integre Renforce (CIR) : etude diagnostique sur l'integration du commerce ]

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